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Re: My apologies

"Every hurricane has an eye/ an I am one..."
Does anyone out there know that one?

On Sun, 22 Sep 1996, melissa buote wrote:

> that's right.
> nobody asks the hard hitting questions in 
> the front of a car during a hurricane like i 
> do....
> =)
> Melissa
> ->hey kids,
> ->    this is for Melissa who i mistakenly wrote in my posting as
> ->Heather.  Melissa YOUR the diva of Car interviews....
> ->my apologies for not getting your name right....i'm heavily medicated with
> ->Cold medicine 'cause i'm sick...(Brian's wonderful gift he gave me on the
> ->ride back from Halifax) i know your name and i big moron for not getting
> ->it straight in my posting..after all who else hated Danko JOnes with me
> ->along with making fun of a certain pimp's jacket! hahah
> -> my apologies heather...er MELISSA (teehee!)
> -> Ciao,
> -> Julie