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sloan vs. waterloo/questions answered

>>Does anyone on here know of any Sloan posters or flyers or anything? 

try a local record store, MCA usually gives stores stacks of promo posters.
It may be only London, but every record store I go into of late has at least
one sloan poster up.

>Who do I make a Money order payable to?

I would assume Bat CAVE Productions (patrick :P) I hate it when I can't read
other people's writing. 

>I was wondering, when sloan played the encore, they
>played Worried Now, Marcus Said and some song I've never heard in
>between.  What song was this?  

I have no idea what song it is, but Patrick told the London crowd that they
learned the song two days before starting the tour.

>celebrities: sloan (duh!), elevator to hell (duh!), local rabbits (maybe), 
>	     ken from the monoxides, and who else did you expect, it's 
>	     waterloo.

you forgot the ever friendly sound guy/producer Brenndan McGuire

Anyways heres my thoughts/comments about last nights show:

- much better venue/crowd then the London show, *but* the sound quality was
not better then the London show. Places like Fed Hall have an echoe from
hell, why when people design buildings that will have shows decide to have
rafters really beats me

- I saw the lamest thing at this show, Chris went to use the washroom before
thier set, people mobbed him in there. 

- Heather was happy when Chris called her onstage to take a picture of him
while he stood at the front of the stage while all the people clapped their
hands in the air in the crowd. 

- I'm again happy to hear the "please don't crowd surf speech", I think
crowd surfing has been lame since day one, and I think its about time
something is done about it. I was amused to hear patrick's comment to all
about crowd surfing when he said "you can tell who the asshole's are tonite".

- anyone who cares can expect some major changes to the Sloan Site after the
boys are done there tour, Chris has boxes full of stuff that he has for the
site for us.C hris told us that he had some pictures of him and Andrew w/
really really long dirty hair, some demos and  unreleased songs for
downloading purposes and some other goodies. We are also looking in to the
idea of Real Audio for some bootlegs Chris might have for us. Also like
Heather mentioned before, We have been asked to maintain the site for Sloan.
I was completely surprised when Patrick told me he loved the site,
considering the song "Can't Face Up".

- it looks like the boys are actually having fun touring this time, I know
Patrick from the list had different views then this, but I dunno if it was
because I could see these things from backstage, but there were little
things they were doing that makes me believe different then patrick.

- We met some SloanNetter's, some past, some present. We met Jen/Cod Can't Hear,
Debra Lynn, Patrick, and I met SizzleTeen for the first, though Heather has
met her a few times ( Sizzle, I'm forcing Heather to send yr Al Tuck tape
tomorrow, I told her to bring it last night, but why listen to shawn...)

- I found out Vodka Cooler's are expensive in Waterloo.

BYE !!!! 


*The Official Sloan Website* http://www.webgate.net/~maenon/sloan

*Death To The Hippies* http://www.webgate.net/~shawnm

*Teenage Wasteland* http://www.webgate.net/~maenon