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Sloan in Waterloo -- thumbs down


What was the middle song in the Sloan's encore at the Federation Hall show? I
didn't recognize it... the one just before the usual "Marcus Said" closer...
Can anyone email me with a setlist of the show?

And for the record, I thought Sloan were almost boring... I saw them in
Halifax and they were SO much more alive and interested. At Fed Hall it was like
they were just there to play, get their money, and get the hell out of town.
(Patrick: "Hey, it's good to be back in... What's this town again?... um... the
Waterloo-Kitchener area.")

The anti-surfing thing was cool, but otherwise, everything was far too
oriented and emotionally *dead*. I was severely disappointed -- I almost left
halfway through because I so did not want to be in the same room with a band
was obviously not enjoying themselves, nor making much of an attempt at 
entertainment... The last couple songs were almost redeeming, though. And
of the Sky" rocked. Chris Murphy should play drums more (and spit on jock

But next time, I hope they put their hearts into it. The fans expect, and
the greatness that I know Sloan can provide.


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