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Sloan Rocked Waterloo

Part 1 - First of all Me and my friendz didn't have tickets, so we went to
Federation Hall at about 6:00 and waited for just over two hours.  We played
cards with these two guys we met.  When they finally opened the door we
ended up waiting for about another 45 minutes to get in,  but we kept our
sanity as everyone was making fun of a line jumper(weazel) in front of us.
Because of the wait we unfortunately missed most of the Local Rabbits set
but they sounded pretty good.

Part 2 - We finaly got in and had to use the washrooms after the long wait,
and as I was waiting for two of my friendz I realised that Patrick was
standing right in front of me so I shook his hand, and then Jay Furgeson
walked past me.
We then headed for the floor to watch a really cool show by Elavator to
hell, my only complaint is that the majority of the crowed didn't seem to
enjoy it too much (I did though).  When Sloan finally hit the stage the
crowed wen completely Insane, they seemed to cool down just a little bit
after the first couple of songs though,  but as Patrick said "You can spot
all the assholes in here".
Sloan put on an amazing show though, One of the best I've seen.  Chris
Murphy is a madman behind the drums.  I noticed a very mixed crowed aswell,
I saw people in Rage... shirts, Metallica shirts, Tommy Helfiger shirt's and
Beatles shirts too.

Part 3 - After the show I finally got out after waiting forever to get my ID
back, and waited forever again for my friendz to get theirs back. We then
wondered out back where we saw Andrew scott, Rick White, and the drummer
from Elevator to Hell (I can't remember his name).  I got Andrew to sign my
Same old Flame/Stood up 7" that I bought there and we all talked for about
ten minutes about Andrew's drums, Puke and Fish.

Conclusion - I loved every second of it and can't wait to see Sloan again!  
"...This picture denies all my ties to the side of the road..." 
-A side Wins by Sloan
Matt Kendrick - davek\!/golden.net