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help please!

Hi sloan net - 
a few  things:

- I went to the waterloo show last night, it was amazing! 

- Any reviews of sloan shows for the current tour would be greatly
appreciated! we're trying to get a review of each show, you can send them to
me or shawn (shawnm\!/webgate.net)

- All the entries in the guestbook were recently deleted, due to problems at
the guestbook server, we'd really appreciate it if anyone who signed it b4
would re-sign it, we love your links, comments etc.

- Our sloan page is now officialy the official sloan site (does that make
sense?) We talked to them about it this week, and we've been asked to
maintain it for them - keep your eyes open for lots of new stuff up soon!

thanks for yr time, sorry if this makes anyone mad.
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