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hey everyone :)

the players: sizzle teen, d'arcy, trish, and linda; supporting cast, 
	     sloan, elevator to hell, and the local rabbits

the situation: three bands, one venue, millions of fans (give or take a 

the event: sloan in waterloo with elevator to hell and the local rabbits

act I: the local rabbits -- smelly! ;)

act II: elevator to hell -- wicked awesome!  spooky sounds! creepy lighting!

act III: sloan -- part I: the newest hits, latest classics
		 part II: andrew scott (sex god)
		part III: sloan hand claps and more
		  encore: cover tunes and new version of "worried now"

ok, here's what really went down: the crowd sucked 'cept for us! ;)  
chris spit on a moronic crowd surfer (despite being told not to surf).  
no keyboards, but lots of bright lights (kids bring yer sunglasses and 
where them at night).

celebrities: sloan (duh!), elevator to hell (duh!), local rabbits (maybe), 
	     ken from the monoxides, and who else did you expect, it's 

later kidz.  enjoy the rest of the tour :)