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Re: Patrick's smashed guitar

> Yes, it was a shitty guitar.  I think that the whole thing might have had
> something to do with the tradition Paul Stanley has of smashing his guitar
> at the end of Kiss shows.  And let me just say that according to my friend
> who went to both the Sloan show and the Kiss show the sloan fans who were
> after the guitar parts were way more manic than the Kiss fans when the same
> thing happened at that show.  Now that's quite an achievement!  As for the
> show itself it rocked!  Hearing that bass line in Snowsuit sound was sooo
> dreamy!  But I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the incident where Pete
> Rabbit got pelted in the face with that rubber ball.  It was quite a sight
> to be seen.  
I wish Paul could take credit for inventing the smashing guitar thing,
but Pete Townsend (The Who) was the original guitar smasher (actually
the Who trashed their drums too).  Hendrix copied Townsend, and Stanley
copied it too... Of course, the guitars they smashed were real, not
$50 crap guitars...  
Anyways, wish I'd have been there, sounds like a great show...too bad
it sold out so fast...


PS:  I also saw KISS, and witnessed the frenzy for Paul's guitar, and if
the fans were more nuts over pat's guitar, I'm glad I wasn't in the
middle of it...

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