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Re: Patrick's smashed guitar

>The guitar Patrick smashed at the show in Toronto was not the wonderful
>instrument some of you think it was. Worth $50 tops and wouldn't stay in
>tune (witness Patrick attempting to tune it when they handed it to him
>before giving up and shrugging his shoulders). I think the gesture  was
>meant to be ironic, though not in the Alanis Morrisette way.

Yes, it was a shitty guitar.  I think that the whole thing might have had
something to do with the tradition Paul Stanley has of smashing his guitar
at the end of Kiss shows.  And let me just say that according to my friend
who went to both the Sloan show and the Kiss show the sloan fans who were
after the guitar parts were way more manic than the Kiss fans when the same
thing happened at that show.  Now that's quite an achievement!  As for the
show itself it rocked!  Hearing that bass line in Snowsuit sound was sooo
dreamy!  But I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the incident where Pete
Rabbit got pelted in the face with that rubber ball.  It was quite a sight
to be seen.  

Shout outs go to the encore dancers on the list.

Check ya--->Alex
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