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Re: Sloan rock in the Muchmusic environment

In a message dated 96-09-21 08:26:47 EDT, you write:

>>Secondly, how does Huevos Rancheros' video for "Rockin' in the henhouse"
>>win over Cool Blue Halo's `Sweetie Said' or even The Smugglers'
>>`Especially You' for best independent video? That's just my opinion.
>If you want my theory, it's because that Glen Baxter guy who works at Much
>is supposedly in the video (which, if I remember correctly, is not exactly
>a 1995-96 video!).  It's too bad, I was rooting for Cool Blue Halo too.

No, no, it's because huevos rancheros are the best instro band on the planet.
what's the video like?