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Sloan on friday.../!!!!!!

hello everyone!

the show at the concert hall was amazing!  
The venue was a great place, a little hot at times but worth it.
It was packed with wonderful fans.....it seemed like everyone in the whole
place was singing along and bouncing around.

local rabbits gave their usual attitude performance and considering that i
usually do not like them, they put on a really neat show.

eTh was good, i do not have much to say about them though.

there was a delicious delay before sloan came on getting everyone all hyped!
it was patrick's b-day so whenever he appeared he got a rendition of happy

they started off with nothing left...I think.
they played mostly octa and the best songs from 2r 

the atmosphere in the concert hall just could never be surpassed!  
it was one of the best shows i have ever seen.

liked the guitar bit at the end......nice and silly but fun!
I think the person beside me put it best when she said 
"Jay was born to play maracas"
so true.
thanks to Chris for the usual NO SURFING bit, it made life better!

ps.  thanks to the people who gave my friends the tickets i left for them, a
very nice gesture.....didn't sell them or anything!