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Mark wrote:
>Fortunately I am over 19 so I got a nice posh seat to watch the preceedings.
>I will let somebody else go into the details...

  I know I usually could care less about hearing about shows I didn't
attend, but I'll tell you all about Sloan last night, anyway.
 <commence gushing>  It was just fucking amazing!!  I honestly can't
remember the last time I had so much fun at a concert.  For some reason I
didn't really get into the Local Rabbits or Elevator to Hell that much, but
once the fab four came on the place started to shake.
  They played, if I can recall (not in order):
 - nothing left to make me...         - penpals
 - good in everyone                   - bells on
 - everything you've done wrong       - i hate my generation
 - people of the sky                  - deeper than beauty
 - 400 metres                         - snowsuit sound
 - g turns to d                       - torn
 - coax me                            - marcus said
 - lines you amend                    - a side wins
 - anyone who's anyone
 - can't face up

  Once again I was afraid they weren't going to do 'bells on', but once
again they did, and made my day (week... month?).  Chris is a really fun
drummer to watch... Patrick smashed a perfectly good guitar... shame shame.
So yes - I jumped, I danced, I smiled, I sang.  What more could you ask for?
                               ready for the next one,

  "all this tension back and forth
   it's just the beauty of the ride"