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Re: sigh.....

At 03:55 PM 9/18/96 GMT, you wrote:

>i think that maybe
>chris doesn't enjoy being proclaimed as an idol.  sure he's cute, we all
>love him.  in my review i wrote
>"rockstars are people too."
I know that, silly. I wasn`t trying to discuss Chris as an idol or object of
worship/scrutiny when I said I`ve heard that he`s not that nice of a person.
I was just trying to see how and on what people based their opinions of Chris.

>i have never gone up to him and "bowed before him" 
Neither have I. Its true that I have never even met him, but I know that I
would not treat him as some kind of god...although, I would say that I love
sloan and that it nice to meet him. I am not a Beatle-esque teeny-bopper
that reaches for peices of clothing at sloan shows, nor do I rip my hair out
when I hear so much as a mention of them.

> i feel i am respecting them by not
>falling at their feet.  
There is a difference between "falling at their feet" and saying hello as a

>i did not scream, i had my hand over my mouth in awe.  others may
>see it differently.  im not saying say hello or say you love him to his face.
Okay, that last statement made no sense. Explain, please?

>oh, don't say that on here, there are many of his friends that know him in
>halifax and have spoken with him before.  he doesn't live in a cave.  
Ooops. I am sorry about that. I didn`t realize there were people that
personally know him on here. And I know that he doesn`t live in a cave.
Neither does Patrick, Jay or Andrew and neither does any other cool band I

                                        Going to get a box of Gobstoppers,