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I know this is late but one more HOM fest posting....

hey kids,
	so basically everyone summed up HOM so I'll spare you all a repeat
posting.  I'll just give you my little 10 cents worth.  Ok first off 
kelly and Brian stranded me in the Albany,NY bus station (it was a
nightmare! it was like the entire ghetto of NYC was in that place....and
people think me living in NYC is dangerous)  for like 6 hours! Finally met
up with them and we're on the road.   

	We get to the US/CA boarder between Maine and New Brunswick only
to be pulled over for like almost an hour and Kelly getting the 3Rd degree
by a bunch of old over weight fat guys who probably get only like 20
people crossing a day....they should take some tips from our lovely
Boarder patrol people at the Buffalo/Fort Erie bridges who never EVER give
us a problem. :) Remind myself to FLY to Halifax next year.
Ok so we finally get to the promiseland called Halifax (after a
dark rain Cloud followed the car from Boston) and as you all know our
gracious hostess/fan from hell was no where to be found. so we did like
any rock n' roller would do and changed in a public restroom...Brian being
the brave or crazy...i haven't figured it out yet...dude and washing his
hair in the sink of the rest room.  Get some food and its rock n' rolling
for the rest of the night.  Great shows, although i'm really bummed i
missed Duotang to see C of H. don't get me wrong they were great but i saw
them AGAIN the next day.  finally get over to Birdland (where I was like
the ONLY one proofed and they didn't believe my REAL ID!!) and after the
ordeal get in to see Tristian Psionic (woohoo! i love those guys!) who
practically freaked when they saw us in the audience. AFter all what kind
of person would trek across the country just to see some bands..teehee!
and to make a long story short for that day let just say our hostess
worked really late and never got there on time and her roommate wanted to
stay to the end and we were thankfully put up by my buddie Ian of Plumtree
merch fame. Ian's cat, who's huge but not as huge as my cat, jumps on me
all night. Brian snores. i kick him to stop. it doesn't really work well. 
kelly is dead to the world. remind myself to get a hotel BY MYSELF next
	Saturday: we get up early and as Ian is putting in his prized
Bikini Kill Video for me to awe over we flip on Much Music.  The first
thing i see is my SELF on screen dancing like a fool with this 16 year old
prepubescent kid in Sloan's new video.  (look for the blond haired grrl
with a red sleevless blouse)i laff at myself over embarassment and
disbelief. we get going (after we ate some of Ian's mom's wonderful
homemade muffins...mmmm...) we go to the indie fair.  miss most of Lonnie
from Super Friendz set. skip the rest of the shows there and shop for
records woohoo!  go over to the cocktail party get drunk (at least i was
tipsy) watch the Avengers 7 play thier summer type music all the while
right behind them hortense is smacking the window...and drowning Jay F.'s
scooter (as Chris M. would say...aww the poor invalid) leave cocktail
party and run from venue to venue. our host Ian band The chitz rocked my
ass hard. good to see some Riotgrrlness in a band comprised of only one
grrl! :)  go over to see Sloan.  get killed in the pit.  do some ass
kickin' myself.  Chris M. looks at me from stage like i'm insane for
actually treking up to Halifax (a universal look from everyone that knew
how far we came)  loose our hostess.  find her. go to her apartment and do
some Sloan 'fan from Hell' gossip.

	get up mondo early. get some yummy cinnamon toast at the brunch.  
Chris comes over to cheerfully tell me he saw my ass get kicked at the
show last night.  (gee thanks for helping out!) Kelly humorously discovers
that because of the way chris is dressed and some sort of bag he's
carrying under his arm and 'cuz he's in a food line...look's like a
HOMELESS man. we laff for ever about this observation.  Piggy performed a
great show. go over to see Stinkin' Rich play.  aww yeahhhh! he could kick
coolios ass.  see what i think was one of THEE best shows :Al Tuck. a
damn fine singer/songwriter.  eat at the who's who of Halifax :the
Mediteraneo (sp?) with the who's who of Sloan Net. ;)
go over to see some show's across the street. almost barfed up my
scrumptous falafel at Danko Jones' show along with fellow sloan netter
Heather. he was right up Chris M's alley and i believe the incarnate of
Johnny T. (porn) Starr. *inside joke*     Elevator to hell also put on a
amazing show...the first time I've seen them ever play and I have to admit
i liked it better than E.T. (please don't flame me!)  Tim Robbin's
Experience after hours show was fucking the BEST.  Fan's from Hell,
listmanager boy, heather, warren, and I ordered Chinese food to the
Birdland ('cuz they had no pizza..it was sun.) and ate it while TRE played
some songs. got a little too drunk with Katrina and danced like foo's
during 'Countdown to the Grammies'. got to see Chris spank Danko Jones'
with a rolled up copy of our Zine 'Marcus Said, "magazen"' of which Danko
just gave Chris this LOOK. teehee! 
got to hear about how my Ex bf (the asshole bassist) was outside making
out with some Slut in a dress (he always WAS a sucker for a skirt).  
got to meet some really superkool Sloan netters: Heather(the diva of car
interviews), James "listmanagerboy" Covey, Shant (no matter what he says
your still scarey to CM!), Katrina(thanks for your hospitality your soo
NICE! :), Patrick (again), Warren (again), Ryan, (i think your name is?)
Aaron, Tara Lee (again) and Roderick.
so then going back to Katrina's we were added to the wall of famed
visitors.  of which rick white and Tara S'Part (sp?) are up there. and
then we leave for the ride back to the good ol' us of a. a hellish ride i
tell ya.   pass the Local Rabbits bus  which has pulled over for the
night at a truck stop. think about doing a prank on them.  i decide i 
don't wanna cause a rumble in Halifax. teehee! also Don't ever travel with
a person who get cranky when their tired.  
finally get to my stop. take a bus.  get nearly kidnapped by this crazy
guy on the bus who wouldn't leave me alone. tired and now perturbed i get
nasty with him. i think he might pull a gun on me. get the hell of the bus
in NYC in a rush.  ahhh back to my apartment. only to hear that mine and
Brian's parents think we were killed in the hurricane and how they're
going to report us missing. call to assure them we weren't swept up in the
hurricane. go to bed. and that's my story.

yeah so i know it got long. i hope it was at least amusing. and hey at
least it was a different perpective of the HOM fest. ;)
shout outs to all the wonderful people who made out trip enjoyable! you
know who you are.  
your all sweethearts!

ps anyone wishing to buy a copy of our Zine 'Marcus Said "Magazen" ' can
contact Kelly Ruberto. her email address is: 
and if its any kind of persuasion Chris Murphy really liked it and
ACTUALLY paid us for it...i made me take the money..of which we framed. ;)
EX-Coach Jules, FORMER Seductress of Young Men (and asshole bass players!)
			still RAWK Journalist Extrodinaire
					now even more an All-around Riotgrrl