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Re: Hercules/(Rome Plows)/SixToo/Avengers 7

> >Brendan really 
> > towers over a drumkit.  Rod looked even grumpier than he sounds 
> > online, and seemed thoroughly displeased with the soundman.
> Well, what i think was going on is that rod found out that the def 
> leppard show wasn't sold out, and that he was missing his favourite band, 
> next to Genesis :)

you guys are all wrong :)  I was pissed off because I was all set to do
my Johnny T. (porn) Starr imitation, but Brendan and Jim would have none
of it.  And they also wouldn't let me do those Mike and the Mechanics
covers that I practised so hard on.

btw., in all fairness to the soundman, I think the sound was better than
most of our other shows, he actually spent more than the average 3 minutes
adjusting the settings during the sound check.

he likes to rock when he gets mad,


Soup!  Soup!