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Sloan rock in the Muchmusic environment

Firstly, I was ambiguous towards the whole `alien' them they had running 
through the show. Sure i have a sense of humour about it all but it just 
seems like they were jumping on the `x-files' bandwagon. 

Secondly, how does Huevos Rancheros' video for "Rockin' in the henhouse" 
win over Cool Blue Halo's `Sweetie Said' or even The Smugglers' 
`Especially You' for best independent video? That's just my opinion.

And finally ... those `Canadian Superstars'... SLOAN. They hit the stage, 
Patrick sporting some new short boyish haircut, and they look even more 
like some high-school band you'd like to boo off the stage. But when they 
hit those first notes there's no denying their hooks. They start off the 
songs with the opening riff of the Kinks' `Till the End of the Day' which 
I really thought they were going to play for a second and they suddenly 
lead into `The Good in Everyone'. That got the crowd pogoing and in two 
minutes it was all over. It was much too short a performance. But I got 
it on tape and I think I'll watch it again ....