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Re: Photos

On Thu, 19 Sep 1996 AsiLAm\!/aol.com wrote:

> .....alright....speaking of the 89x fest...i was there.....and this guy i was
> talkin to next to me in the mosh was bootleggin sloan......if there was
> anyone there who did bootlegg them...please email me....maybee we can work
> something out......this also goes to all you people out there who have ANY
> bootleggin sloan tapes....i'd bee very happ-E if you'd emial....thanx...
>                  MaLisSa....i am...asilam\!/aol.com
I personally didn't bootleg the show, BUT I can get the copy of the 
bootleg from Ryan who did bootleg the show.  I can also probably get the 
Orange Glass, Moonsocket, Radioblaster, etc. show from London, as well as 
tons of other bootlegs that the guy has.  If you want, I will e-mail him 
for you with requests and then I will give him your e-mail address so he 
can get back to you.