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piggy, plumtree, def leppard, etc.

>>Rod looked even grumpier than he sounds
>>online, and seemed thoroughly displeased with the soundman.

>Well, what i think was going on is that rod found out that the def
>leppard show wasn't sold out, and that he was missing his favourite band,
>next to Genesis :)

actually, i think he'd already missed them.  DL were probably finished by
then.  i passed by the metro centre on my way to work at 9:30 pm and you
could hear "hysteria" blasting out through the loading doors.  :-)

so, the *atlantic film festival* starts today here in haligon.
i thought it would be interesting to list as many connections to
the music scene as i can think of...

helen "chicken" hill - helen is part of the piggy posse, not only by virtue
of being married to paul (lead singer), but also by making use of the band
in her short films.  helen has, count 'em, *three* films in the festival.
that might be more than anyone else.  there's _tunnel of love_ (featuring
playing the "atlantic focus" night, _the world's smallest fair_, playing the
"funny local heroes" showcase, and _scratch and crow_, playing the animation

plumtree - the video for "tropical" will be shown at the "focus on music"
screening.  as well, plumtree are playing a free gig at the screenscene
(kids' film festival) awards party next saturday (4 pm) at city centre

rebecca west - the video for "breeze" is also part of the "focus on music"

one other thing... i'm sitting here at the office, working on the web page
for the film festival, and when i was going through last year's films online,
i noticed this film that played last year's festival:

>_Ghetto of Cool People_, Director: Laura MacDonald, Producer: Alex Pugsley
>Writers: Laura MacDonald, Alex Pugsley, 16mm, 5 min., b&w, English,
>Distributor: Laura MacDonald, Principal Performers: Fiona Highet, Andrew Scott

>Based on one woman's experience with a musician, this funny and sharp
>monologue points out the realities of life for young women who relinquish
>their ambitions to support a cool boyfriend.

i never heard about this film last year.  anyone seen it and want to fill
me in about it?


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