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Re: Hercules/(Rome Plows)/SixToo/Avengers 7

Jim Cooper

On Fri, 20 Sep 1996, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:

>     Well, last night I was looking forward to a great bill at 
> Birdland.  Hercules, Rome Plows and Avengers 7, among the most 
> talked about new bands in Haligon, and I'd not seen any of them yet. 
> I left only mildly disappointed. 
more than i can say
>     The crowd was abysmally small, even for a $3 Thursday gig.   
> Hercules held off until 11:20 hoping for more of an audience.  
Actually, we were waiting for the sound guy to show up.

> played well, I enjoyed Jim's picking, even when he only had 5 
> strings, but his vocals were unintelligible, which was a shame 
> because I'm sure he writes a lot of deep poetry.  
bwaaaaahaaahaaaaaa, mopey maybe %0

>Brendan really 
> towers over a drumkit.  Rod looked even grumpier than he sounds 
> online, and seemed thoroughly displeased with the soundman.
Well, what i think was going on is that rod found out that the def 
leppard show wasn't sold out, and that he was missing his favourite band, 
next to Genesis :)

>     The Avengers 7 woke up the small crowd with their surf/lounge 
> act, complete with dress clothes, ties, and an introduction by the 
> maitre d'.  
I don't think I've seen so many people up dancing(genuinely) for a band 
at the birdland in a long time, complete with the "as it happens" theme 
song.  I was feeling pretty rotten up until those avenger hepsters took 
the stage.