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before you head off to h2o-loo...

just a quick PSA to those of you out of towners attending the Fed Hall Sloan 
show at the University of Waterloo....

bring age i.d., especially if you're under-age.

okay, i'm not entirely sure if this is still the situation at Fed Hall, 
since the last time i was there was (ironically) Feb. 1995 to see Sloan, Hip 
Club Groove, and the Local Rabbits, and i'm not on campus this term. 
 anyway, since it's an all-ages/licensed show, they will require all patrons 
to bring age identification.  if you're under-age, they will hold on to your 
i.d. and return it to you when you leave, providing that you did not drink, 
and still have the wristband and button (ahhh yes, the wristband and 

note:  if i'm *wrong* would someone from UW immediately post to sloan net, 
and correct me.  thank you.

               ...sizzle teen (whose hair is doing that freaky sook-yin lee 
thing, except my coloured locks are more of a light reddish-brown hue)