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Hercules/(Rome Plows)/SixToo/Avengers 7

    Well, last night I was looking forward to a great bill at 
Birdland.  Hercules, Rome Plows and Avengers 7, among the most 
talked about new bands in Haligon, and I'd not seen any of them yet. 
I left only mildly disappointed. 

    The crowd was abysmally small, even for a $3 Thursday gig.   
Hercules held off until 11:20 hoping for more of an audience.  They 
played well, I enjoyed Jim's picking, even when he only had 5 
strings, but his vocals were unintelligible, which was a shame 
because I'm sure he writes a lot of deep poetry.  Brendan really 
towers over a drumkit.  Rod looked even grumpier than he sounds 
online, and seemed thoroughly displeased with the soundman.

    The Rome Plows for whatever reason weren't there, so SixToo 
filled the slot.  He got a good reaction from at least two people in 
the crowd.  It would appear he parted ways with Hip Club Groove 
because he's some sort of rap purist who "don't need no gimmick", 
but when he complains in his raps about putting in years and getting 
no breaks while others get the hit songs, it's not hard to see why.  
Lots of "better than thou" monologue, little variety in backbeat 
(despite great scratching last night by Stinkin' Rich, who I almost 
didn't recognize with his cap down over his eyes and no goatee.  Too 
bad he didn't take the mic.) little energy, and a stupid habit of 
standing on a stool so his head was nearly in the ceiling, and 
making lots of poses like he was a bowling trophy.  There are more 
interesting rappers in this town.

    The Avengers 7 woke up the small crowd with their surf/lounge 
act, complete with dress clothes, ties, and an introduction by the 
maitre d'.  Catano drummed like only Catano can, Bill Louch laid 
some groovy keyboards, and the guitarist picked away.  Like the 
Shadowy Men, they prove that a good band doesn't need a vocalist.  
They even did a pisstake of that silly Goblins track on Nardwuar's 
Zit Rock compilation, with Mike and Bill fornicating with the guitar 
and bass while the two frontmen played drums and keys.  Fun for the 
whole family.