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Re: Starwars - Sloan Connection??

Sept 19th, Gina Stough wrote in response to sloan tour -- help!:

>"My brother was wearing his Star Wars shirt and Chris said "Okay star Wars,
>what's your name? "  The two had a small star wars conversation and then Chris
>quoted Han Solo or something like that."
>I was there, too (with Lisa, whose post you responded to).  He said, "Laugh it
>up, fuzzball!"  And asked what movie that was from and a bunch of people
>answered.  (Nice of him to quiz us.)  Then he was talking to someone else and
>said, "Let's wrap it up!" and I said, "Fuzzball?" and said "Yeah" and laughed.

Ok, just a small poll to see if there is in fact a connection between
Sloan, Sloan fans and Starwars.
Who here not only likes starwars (i'd hate to flood my mailbox) but can
quote at least a hundred lines from the 3 movies, or tries to fit SW
somehow in on conversations whenever he/she can.

Am I the only one? :)

* PLEASE * Respond to me personally if you do respond... I think people
would probably get mad If a whole bunch of people flooded everyone else's
mailbox too. hehehe. That wouldnt be nice now would it?


"And touching the scar on your back like a relief map" - Superfriendz