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RE: Sloan!

>> Patrick is probably still attached to the same girl he's been with
>> for years.
>> Andrew is married.
>> Jay must be very private because I can't recall ever seeing him
>> with anyone in all the years I've followed the band.
>> Let's find a better topic,
>Is the Cori Ferguson that works at MCA by any chance Jay's wife?
>Sister?  Mother?  Or is it just an odd coincidence?
>It's probably not a good idea for us to pry into the band members'
>personal lives as it is rude, invasive, and none of our business,
>but I don't think it's such a terrible thing just to wonder which
>members are married.  I admit I'm curious.

Oooh! Oooh! Is Chris Murphy related to my friend Butch Murphy who lives in
Vancouver? Oh, and I know this other guy named Jay Ferguson... could they
be aliens? 'Cause they both have the same name... I mean, what else could
it be??

How common of a last name do you think Murphy, Ferguson, and even Scott
are? This is as much of a waste of time as actually phoning all the people
in the phone book with the same last names and asking them if they're
related. Only not only are you wasting your time, you're also wasting the
time of the people who have to read your messages.

I doubt it if I'm the only one annoyed by this juvenile subject.


"And touching the scar on your back like a relief map" - Superfriendz