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RE: Grace Babies/Eric's Trip/Sloan

>On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Matt Kendrick wrote:
>> Anyone going to Sloan's Waterloo show?
>> See ya,
>> Matt Kendrick
>I am going to the Sloan show in Waterloo....I've heard many rumors as
>who is going to open the Waterloo show....even that there will be no 
>opening band.  Do you have any info on that subject?  I also heard that
>the show is now sold out but there will be 100 tickets available to the
>first people lined up outside Fed Hall.  Sounds like fun, since I
>have a ticket.
>See ya,

You know what

a)The Fed Hall show IS sold out.
b)Yes they do have something like 100 tix to sell for $15 to the first
people \!/ the door
c)Almost 100% sure that the line up is 
	i)The Local Rabbits

I got my ticket too. Should be an awesome show!!

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