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Re: Rabid Sloan Fans / Grace Babies..

"You are going to hear all kinds of things about Chris and the rest of the 
band...the better known they get, the more rumors there are and the more people 
will want to know about them.  It's just part of being in the public eye, 
really.  The more famous you get, the more freedom/privacy you lose, it seems. 

Ok, I fully understand that this is a FAN-BASED list and people will carry on 
and such.. _but_ what is written above is kind of a cop-out because they seem to
be using this phenom as an excuse for those who write all that stuff."

I don't think it's a cop-out, I think it's true.  I certainly don't agree with 
it, and wish that people would leave "stars" alone unless they are out there 
signing autographs, etc. because they *want* to.  I'd never have talked to Chris
M. if he hadn't been standing out there for that purpose.  But even if your 
average Joe/Josephine left famous people alone, there's always the media there 
to report what kind of toothpaste Patrick Pentland uses...

I wouldn't call myself a rabid Sloan fan, considering that I'm missing Monday's 
show because I have a graduate class.  (Gee...no concert on Monday, no Sloan 
videos ever...pretty pathetic.)