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Re: will work for Sloan ???? (show review and q's answered)

Any word on Sloan playing in the States soon (namely Michigan)?  Since OCtA will
be released Tuesday...

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Subject: will work for Sloan ???? (show review and q's answered)
Author:  <sloannet\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com> at INTERNET
Date:    9/19/96 2:36 PM

first of all, there will be no horns on most of the tour, they said maybe 
horns in toronto. There will be limited piano, as for they are using the 
Local Rabbits for some songs, well for "400 meters" only actually, so says 

second, they will be playing " the good in everyone" tonite on the MM video 
awards, or at least Chris said thats what they have planned to do.

last's night show:

My day started at 1pm as for the people who set up sloans lighting and gear 
quit, and they needed people to do this, so myself, Tim Smith, Malcom X (both 
of The New Grand fame), Brenndan McGuire (producer, sound guy etc etc) Jon 
Box (mca rep guy) and Neil ( sloans other sound guy ) spent 6 hours setting 
up Sloans sound and lighting. It was well worth it considering the promoter 
paid us, feed us, gave us free tickets, and passes for Sloans post show 
party. I also turned out having to run out and buy chris a new chord for his 
amp since he lost it somewhere.So heres the bands in a nutshell  

Elevator To Hell: opened the show, they played a great set, some yelled 
"julie" at Tara and rick simply said "julie's at home w/ her baby" I was 
quite amazed to see that all the kiddies took quite a liking to Elevator To 
Hell, considering they have no videos and haven't had a popular song.

Local Rabbits: We had a phone call during setting up saying that there van 
broke down and might be late getting there. They eventually showed up, I 
didn't pay any attention to them, I saw them three times already, and well I 
don't like them.

Sloan: I don't know what can be said about them that hasn't already been 
said, except the fact they actually have a good live sound this time around. 
It sounds like they actually practiced the songs this time,and have selected 
good sound guys, cause the last two times I've seen them the sound was 
horrible. They were extremely nice to us workers, and treated us really well 
and hung out w/ us and talked and all those fun things. I'm not really going 
to go into detail about what we talked about, well cause that is just rude to 
do that. Anyways heres a list of songs they played: (in no order)
400 meters
Good In Everyone
Snowsuit Sound
Can't Face Up
Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay 
G Turns To D
Everything You've Done Wrong
Anyone Who's Anyone
The Lines You Ammend
I Hate My Generation
People Of The Sky
Bells On
Coax Me
Laying Blame (wooo hooo)

some cover
Marcus Said

and that was there set. They were really sweet upstairs after the show, and 
they didn't even show up to there own party, and well thats ok, cause the 
party was still great because there was free beer, any show w/ free beer is 
AOK w/ me. Oh well, bye !!!!!


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