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okay, let's jam a lot of stuff in one po

re:  sloan w/ piano or trumpet?

oooo.... i don't know if i should reveal anything, but y'all will find out 
anyway.  local rabbit pete told me that le sloan will be using his keyboard 
for a couple of songs.

re: grace babies (the band sloan net loves to hate!?!? ;) )

they've moved to toronto, will hopefully be recording soon (the session w/ 
the producer of matthew sweet's _girlfriend_ was done in march), and looking 
for a new bassist.

re:  ytv's _the zone_

for those that care, the local rabbits will be on today.  try tuning in 
before 4pm local time, maybe???  (4 pm est, for sure -- aim for 3:55??)

re:  much music video awards

could someone e-mail to me what song sloan play, and who wins the indie 
video category (go smugglers!!!!!)?  thanks.  (i don't have a tv)

re:  happy happy day!

it's D'Arcy (whiz kid) Flueck's 19th birthday today!!!!!  hurrah!!  she's 
*finally* legal, so all she needs to worry about is bringing *her own* id to 
shows ;)  heehee :)  happy birthday, kiddo! :)

re:  sloan rumours

for once and for all... chris was my lover, patrick is my ex , jay is my 
best friend, and i've never met andrew.  so there.

          ...sizzle teen (dying her hair... black!?!?!  since no one noticed 
the different colour to begin with..... )

p.s.  the last re: is a JOKE -- i've never dated patrick ;)  (although, 
sometimes truth is stranger that (f)fiction... ;) )