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sloan tour -- help!

I am new to this forum, so I'm still in that stage where I feel like a spy.
It's like listening in on other people's conversations.  Anyway...

Is anyone on here from Windsor/Detroit going to the 9/23 Sloan show?  I
hopefully am, but considering it's a Monday night there could be a problem.
Could anyone post or forward to me a tour schedule, please?  I would appreciate
it so much!
If I can't catch them in Windsor, maybe I'll be able to see them elsewhere.

I met Chris Murphy when Sloan played the 89X Fest in Michigan in June.  He was
funny and extremely nice.  He signed autographs for well over an hour, possibly
closer to two.  Unfortunately they didn't get to play very long since it was a
festival and they weren't headlining.  (Apparently the Screaming Trees are a
bigger draw than Sloan here - how embarrassing!)  Chris was extremely upset
about missing 7-Year Bitch while he was signing autographs (he was kidding.)  I
mentioned to him that I saw them back in '93 in Pontiac and he actually
remembered the name of the venue.  What a memory!

Thanks to "Elaine" (ha, ha) for the address.  Later all.

LNUSCIM.JZZFR1\!/eds.com  (private e-mail always welcome)
Troy, MI  (Don't hate me because I'm American!  :-)  )