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Re: sloan tour -- help!

On Thu, 19 Sep 1996 LNUSCIM.JZZFR1\!/eds.com wrote:

> I met Chris Murphy when Sloan played the 89X Fest in Michigan in June.  He was
> funny and extremely nice.  He signed autographs for well over an hour, possibly
> closer to two.  Unfortunately they didn't get to play very long since it was a
> festival and they weren't headlining.  (Apparently the Screaming Trees are a
> bigger draw than Sloan here - how embarrassing!)  Chris was extremely upset
> about missing 7-Year Bitch while he was signing autographs (he was kidding.)  I
> mentioned to him that I saw them back in '93 in Pontiac and he actually
> remembered the name of the venue.  What a memory!

I met Chris there too, I also was quite near Patrick.  Talked to Jenny 
and Eve too.  Talked to Chris for a half hour when he first got there.  
My friends to pictures with them.  He's a great guy. Showed us his 
driver's licence and H.S. I.D.  As for after the show, it was more like 
two hours worth of autographs.  He said the same thing about 7 Year Bitch 
to me.  I think after the show he was kind of mad that he was stuck over 
there and the line kept getting longer and longer.  He had every right to 
be mad if he was.  I'd be too. My brother was wearing his Star Wars shirt 
and Chris said "Okay star Wars, what's your name? "  The two had a small 
star wars conversation and then Chris quoted Han Solo or something like 
that.  It was quite an expirience. We left after that, who cares about 
Screaming Trees?  I had seen sloan and met the love of my life, Eve.
89x Fest was defenetly an awsome expirence.

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