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Re: sigh.....

You are going to hear all kinds of things about Chris and the rest of the 
band...the better known they get, the more rumors there are and the more people 
will want to know about them.  It's just part of being in the public eye, 
really.  The more famous you get, the more freedom/privacy you lose, it seems.

This reminds me of my very favorite band, Live, and how several years ago (if 
that long) they could walk most anywhere in their hometown and not be bothered, 
even though they were well-known in the area since the late 80s.  Then in 1995, 
Ed, the lead singer, had people sitting outside his house (which is in the same 
area) in the middle of the night screaming and then posting on the Live list 
BRAGGING about it.  (This, of course, is how I know where Ed lives.  Do I CARE 
or WANT to know?  No.)

Not saying that Jovana is like that.  Of course not.  But any amount of fame 
will disrupt and change your life and amount of privacy.  It's unfortunate, but 


PS:  I'd met Chris M. during the 89X fest in June...he made sure everyone who 
was waiting got a chance to talk/get his autograph.  He was out there well over 
an hour when I left, answering Did You Break Up questions and giving fanzine 
interviews.  Not many artists would do that; I was very impressed.

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Subject: sigh.....
Author:  <sloannet\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com> at INTERNET
Date:    9/17/96 10:53 PM

I feel bad. I WAS having a sloan day (you know, where you`re totally 
unnaturally obsessed with sloan and you can`t stop talking about them...) 
then all these people wrote to me saying, among other things, that Chris 
Murphy is not that nice of a person, and that I also dishonored the band for 
talking about Chris`private life and other things like that. 1)I doubt 
anyone here has actually spent more than a few hours with The Murph...isn`t 
the only way you can get to know a person is to have more than a chat? and 
2) I didn`t mean to gossip...I just had a broken heart. I realize personal 
stuff should stay personal...

And oh yeah! 3) I guess its not so bad cause I just met moist...oh well.

                                    Desperately seeking a new sign-off phrase,