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HoM review, part 3.


\!/ birdland:  free-admission wrapup party with
tim robbins experience, danko jones, sianspheric^4


[A little note of explanation for those who might not be aware:  Tim
Robbins Experience is the side project of Joel, Rob, and Ian of Thrush
Hermit where they switch up instruments and play drums, bass, and guitar
respectively.  Their songs tend to be wack appropriations of riffs from
other bands' songs, combined with crazy vocals.]

A veritable plethora of music stars took the stage with TRE at various
points in their set.  Chris Murphy jumped up to sing the hardcore classic
"Lights Out" with Ian.  A rather unrehearsed version of "If This Is It" by
Huey Lewis featured Greg Tamashanko from the Leather Uppers (I didn't know
that was who it was until Tara posted about this) singing lead as he read
the lyrics from a piece of paper, and Steven Page of BNL singing harmony.
I forget which song "Montreal Pete Elkas" played on, it might have been
that one.  Catriona from Plumtree played harmonica for "Countdown to the
Grammies" (and it was amazing).  Lil Orton Hoggett took advantage of his
cordless guitar and went running all over the bar while he soloed on his
song.  The set also featured amazing renditions of "6FS" and "The Pros and
Cons of Living on the Edge".


The guys seemed a little tired, and they played some longer, bluesier,
smokier songs than at the all-ages gig.  When Danko commented on how tired
they were, I think it was France Chevalier who yelled out "you guys are a
*night* band!" (at the all-ages gig Danko had said "It may be 6:30 Atlantic
time, but we're a 12 o'clock band!").  Danko snapped back, "It's 2am!"  The
most unexpected moment of the set came when Danko fellated the microphone.
And I mean he swallowed the whole thing!  I'm glad he didn't pull that
stunt at the all-ages gig -- I wonder if the Proper people could have been
sued by some angry parents!  :-)


SS^4 came out and did two long boring songs.  Then the vocalist/bassist and
drummer both left the stage, and the guitarists stayed and did this long
ambient thing that went on for at least 20 minutes.  That last part I
actually liked.  I wished I could have been already home in bed while
listening to it though!

The two bands I wish I'd seen at this festival:  Giant Sand, Tristan Psionic.
I hope they both come back.