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All right, 
Photo oriented people, I need some help.
Usually when a band I want to see makes it anywhere near me, it's in a place
that's small enough to simply bring in a camera.  Sloan, ETH, and LR are
playing a larger size venue on monday (1 week from today) The nice, high tech
35mm camera that I was using for photo class decided to jam today, so The
only camera that I have access to is a standard 35mm point + click, no
aperture/doubling lens/blah/blah whatever.  Basically, to use it I'm gonna
have to be pretty close, so what I'm getting at is how do you manage to get
past the little mosh fence at larger venues to take photos? I believe that
ryan guy on this list was doing it at 89X fest. 

so to sum it up..

Can't use:
-the good camera

Can Use:
-35mm point + click
-35mm w/ zoom lens

Basically, how close am I gonna need to be?
etc. whatever, any help would be greatly appreciated.