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Re: Photos

i was going to send this just to adam, but i thought maybe someone else would
i've taken quite a few pictures at concert, it's usually the easiest in small
club, of course. i too am wondering about the up coming sloan/eth show..  you
a) slam yourself against the gate at the frount of the mosh pit, cling to the
gate, and try to do it with flailing arms all around you. i've done that at a
few shows, and i did get great shots, but i was bruised and battered. and i
had to fight for the spot at the frount. so, if you want, go for it. it's
worth a try. or 
b) use the zoom and try to get as close as you can. stand on a chair or
something. aim over the top of the crowd. the pictures may not be as good,
depending on the zoom and how close you are, though.
c) ask the beefy guy at the frount if you can go over the guard rail and take
photos. if you act like you're important and don't get in the way, they might
let you. i did this once too, but you have to hope they're nice.

do whatever you want. i'll probably do a combination of the first two at
sloan. and i'm seeing sebadoh on the 2nd in montreal (is anyone on this going
to be there??? off topic.), and i'm wondering about that, too?!? oh well. i
don't know if this will help, but i tried...i am by no means an expert, but
i've done it many times before.