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It's Halifax we're going to, not Herkimer!

This may turn out to be a long post, but hey, I WENT TO HALIFAX!!!!!!!!!

i saw and did a lot of things, but i'll include what i can recall at this

It was to be me, Kelly R., and Julie W. from western New York to make the
trip all together to halifax.  there were _obstacles_ , but we made it.
On thursday, i was late to get Kelly from Fredonia, an hour south of
Buffalo.  We made excellent time on that wonderful Interstate 90.  we pulled
into the Indian Castle(i said it right!) rest stop at about 1:10pm thursday
to fill up with fuel.  only to find when stepping out of the car(mine), to
see engine coolant spurting all over the pavement forming a nice little
stream.  i opened the hood to see the coolant continually pouring out.  i
called the attendant over to see if he knew anything about it and he said,
"oh, you're overheated.....wait a minute, it's still coming out.....you
can't go anywhere, your water pump is busted."  great, just great, here we
are, supposed to pick up Julie at the Albany bus station on our way through
at 2:30pm and we're screwed to the max.  AAA(american automobile assoc.) not
allowed on the Interstate, i was transferred to the State Police garage who
called out a tow truck from a town 8 miles back. So we waited about 15
minutes and a friendly man from "Phelps Repair" in Ilion/Herkimer, New York
came along to tow us back.  he told us his shop was filled for the day, so
he drove us to many other shops around town who either had no room to fix us
up or couldn't accomodate the operation at all.  then he got a call on the
radio that a truck they were to fix that day, the part that was ordered, was
not the correct part delivered, so they had room for us.  so we entered the
repair shop an  hour later or so.  it seemed to be a partly/family owned
business, their home being on the same lot.  we could here the mechanic's
despair as he mumbled while working, the bolts holding the part rusted on.
even the "farmer's daughter" came over to schmooze after school let out and
could be heard screaming, "i got some car s___ on my fingers. what is it??"
a new water pump and timing belt were added to the car, and we were off
around 6:30pm or so.  4 hours late to the bus station.  we get there, and
Julie isn't there.  the cabbies and security guard told us she hung around
for the longest time.  we called  her mom, and she told us she went to here
roomates boyfriend's apt. at RPI in Troy, NY.  so we go get julie and back
into action we are.  we arrive in Halifax on Friday about 4:30pm and get to
our lodging spot, 1/3 fan from hell, Katrina, to find she was called to
work.  here we are, scummy and on the road for 24 plus hours, and no where
to change, the first group going on in an hour and a half.  so we attain our
passes and other stuffs, then go to Scotia Square mall and get dressed in
the bathrooms.  i got to wash my hair with that ever so neato smelling
handsoap :)  and then we ate dinner.  we arrived at Cafe Ole in time for
madhat at 8pm.  that was just the first part, and wowee it was?

in life there are sacrifices, and at the HoM, they had to be made. ie. bands
wanted to see playing at conflicting times...i didn't mind.

i didn't pay much attention to Madhat, still trying to actually come to the
realization that i was in Halifax.  

The much talked about State Champs were playing at the same time as SFZ.
never seen the champs, but chose to stay with the Super Friendz.  the over
capacitated crowd was calm, until the "soundguy" announced he wanted to be
crowd ridden back from the stage to his post.  that i think got the crowd
going.  they started with Fireflies, and Charles's bass also started
flustering up.  during 'rescue us...' the cable that connected the bass to
the sound board came apart, so in figuring that out, Matt took over on the
singing, then Charles picked it back up taking the mic singing on his knees
behind Lonnie looking to fix his wires.  after the song, charles wasn't
ready yet, so Matt did a solo.  the song started with something about the
"sun".  i never heard it before.  Matt didn't mount the shared drum kit, but
did unsucessfully jump into the crowd and let go of his guitar(i guess it
was returned).

Change of Heart_ this was the first time i saw these guys.  i was

another miss, went to the Thrush Hermit show instead of Jale.  and i can't
remember what went on there, sorry.

olympic death squad_ i actually was into this guy for about the first 5
songs, then it got a little repetitive for me.  i didn't know who he was at
first, but after i remember reading an article on his labels and stuff in a
CMJ a while back.  

friday night we ended staying with Ian "dumbass" Hart, famed tour driver for
Plumtree-bassist for Chitz-punk extraordinaire's house.  i was in the
bathroom while "everything you've done..." came on the tv. damn.  

the indie fair_ Every town deserves a Wormwoods.  this place is oh so neat.  
at the fair, i picked up OCTA vinyl, the Plumtree/inbreds 7" and a Shotmaker
the vinyl has different pictures, the 7" kicks, and i can hear my brother
blasting the Shotmaker upstairs for more than an hour now or so.

the coctail party_ this event was great.  bringing everyone who played a
part in the event and the band members together was great.  yapping and
eating in a controlled place.

me and the EVER POPULAR PATRICK WILKINS from Waterloooooooo, Ont, braved
Hortense and walked in a bit of a circle over to Ole to catch...
Absolutely Nothing_ it didn't look like they had played together in a while,
and Carla complemented that thought saying something to the effect of, "i
can't play bass."  i was told by Lynette that the band was started as a joke
in the beginning, but because of all the noise, i dont know if it still
is.(don't know if i heard her correctly, so dont bite my head off if i am

Trike_ for some reason hearing this band gave me thoughts of Dinosaur
Junior, that may sound really out of whack, but it did.

Supercar_ first time hearing this one also.  they had very good stamina, and
kept delivering.  i liked it.

Man O Steel_ by seeing this band, and hearing the Shotmaker album, i now
believe that Canada has hardcore too.  this band reminded me of some i have
seen here, and they didnt take any of the audiences mocks seriously.

The Chitz_ boy, i wish there was rebellion like this all over.  Ian
"dumbass" Hart starred on bass, and Absolutely Nothing's geeetar player did
drums.  and the singer, was Courtney Love's secret daughter.  whoo hoo!

i saw Change of Heart_
for the second time in as many days, and even though there was the same set
list, they played better than the first time.  maybe it was them being able
to see all of the crowds faces, and maybe the encouragement of some
inebriated "college folk" 

Sloan_ this was my second time seeing sloan. only saying second because the
show at the Eaton Center in May shouldnt have counted as a real one?  the
"pit" was jammed extremely tight.  and being pinned against the wall and
yelled at to move over was not going to make me leave.  a small argument
erupted, and while security was pulling the harrasser away, the harrassee
got a shot in the nose that left him bleeding.  they security *THEN* decides
to keep a guard in the pit.  when there are situtions like this, being so
packed, security should be in there too.  security also made the mistake of
taking crowd riders off the top by *dragging* them across the stage.  this
knocked the mic away from chris in the middle of "anyone who's anyone" and
messed up the song.  Andrew's arms were flailing so madly, that he barely
made the planned encore.  rockstars are people too.

the night was spent at 1/3 fan from hell, Katrina's lair, and was nestled to
sleep with Chris Murphy stalking bedtime stories.  Once, Katrina and her
sister(?) drove by Chris Murphy's house and found him on his lawn in a brown
bathrobe.  (i hear them obsession threads knockin' at the door)

the cinnamon toast brunch_ eating with celebs:) !!  
the pancakes were :) and so was the toast:)
i didnt pay much attention to the solo acoustic guy, seen alot of that in my
lifetime, but Piggy was absolutely *wicked*.  they're like those street
performers with their guitar cases filled with change, but 200 times better.
do these guys do weddings?  the alien skit they put on was a cute addition
to the show, 
ending with yellow baloons(mine's all deflated :< )from the balcony.

the comic jam_
we arrived while Stinking Rich_
had already started playing(is that the right word?).  i have never heard
him before, and i was quite happy with him.  he made several miscues, and
made light of himself many times, which was cool.  

i was too enticed into reading everything there was to offer upstairs,
missing Al tuck.
i find it interesting about others thoughts, and i sacrificed a singing
thought person to one who writes them down.  there were a few *dirty* mags
being sold in the same room as 10 year old comic book desigers were sitting.  

i had a great tasting falafel at a restaurant across the street from the

Danko Jones_ i think the ego/snobby effect by him at the beginning was a bit
overdone.  but the style of "dirty blues" was something new.  Chris murphy
was displaying quite the jig. Danko was loud.

Plumtree_ sounded a little nervous at first, but fit into form quickly.
does anyone know where their "4 part harmony" song will be released?  

Local Rabbits_ played energetically as usual.  Pete told a tour story on how
Jason looked to his side to see Plumtree dressed in adult diapers in the
doorway, when in fact, it was actually Lynette who looked over to see Ryan
and Ben in diapers.  Sally Ann ended in great fashion with Ben slapping the
strings on the ground and swinging his geetar.

mavis piggot and elevator i stayed for one song then went outside.

Chixdiggit_ wow, that guy doesn't run out of energy.  

the Birdland *free* Party after sanctuary_
 tim robbins experience, wow what an event.  this night was an excellent cap
to the weekend.  Li'l Orton Hoggett played a song, in between and Chris
Murpny joined TRE for a cover of Huey lewis's "this is it"  that had the
crowd swaying.  Joel broke the *kick drum* during the set and originally
they were just going to turn the drum around, but found another to use.
Danko played again, to have Chris slap Danko in the rear end with our 'zine!
he didnt seem too happy.  and sianspheric4 ended it all.  

i didn't get any postcards or see a light house but there's always next
year.  hopefully the Blue Moose won't get sick again.

                                scanning the iceflows for evergreens, 


p.s. if you read all of this, then a high-five out to you!

p.p.s. a hearty thanks goes out to PATRICK WILKINS who did a fine job.