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Re: Thanks alot...ca sera sera...

Chris Murphy and Jennifer Pierce, rumours...
rumours? I heard they went to the junior prom
> How can a guy like the Smurf stay unspoken for  
> He and Jennifer were a couple and now rumours abound that they are again.
> I couldn't begin to list all the ladies he's been involved with in 
> the interim.  He's such a swinger :)
This isn't directed to anyone in particular, though.. those of you 
responsible know who you are... Why are people making such a big 
production of all of this? It's really quite silly.. brings back 
memories of Gr. 7 when people had the same thing to say about the 
new kids. Maybe I am wrong about this.. but I couldn't _not_ say 
anything about it.. it's just wrong. 
Shit ass fuck,