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I feel bad. I WAS having a sloan day (you know, where you`re totally
unnaturally obsessed with sloan and you can`t stop talking about them...)
then all these people wrote to me saying, among other things, that Chris
Murphy is not that nice of a person, and that I also dishonored the band for
talking about Chris`private life and other things like that. 1)I doubt
anyone here has actually spent more than a few hours with The Murph...isn`t
the only way you can get to know a person is to have more than a chat? and
2) I didn`t mean to gossip...I just had a broken heart. I realize personal
stuff should stay personal...

And oh yeah! 3) I guess its not so bad cause I just met moist...oh well.

                                    Desperately seeking a new sign-off phrase,