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HoM & catano on tour

1. HoM rap-up:
best set: giant sand.  hampered by the worst sound i've ever heard (i 
swear to god the cafe ole sounded better), hal and jon(?) put on a 
textbook show of musical communication, emotion and sophistication. 

best quote: "i swear to god, i opened my umbrella in the house today and 
THIS is MY punishment.  BANDS!" a hot-pants wearing patron of reflection 
upon discovering that the HoM festival was occuring at HIS bar.

best suprise: tristan psionic.  what a difference a bass player makes.  
sure they sound like sonic youth, but if you had to choose, wouldn't you 
rather sound like sonic youth than shit?

cheap thrill/guilty pleasure: mark robinson singing unrest songs.  sure it 
was nice to hear "isobel," but shouldn't it have been unrest playing 
it?  hmmmm...

the "i knew it would happen" award goes to: the instant popularity of 
push kings.  they were made for this town.  very nice guys. i left two 
songs into their set to see giant sand, to all those who didn't, well ... 
you made the wrong decision.  kudos to mullane for heckling push kings 
with requests for "phoney phone" and "queen of spain."  they remembered 

i'll leave my reviews at that.

2. some upcoming shows that may be of interest to some 

-thursday, sept. 19th
those of you who are not going to be at home, glued to the tv watching 
the muchmusic video awards (jeeya!) can see HERCULES and ROME PLOWS 
opening up for the AVENGERS 7 at the birdland.  should be good.  

-saturday, sept. 21st
so there's this new five-floor all-ages club opening this weekend, and 
the all-ages kick-off show will feature MITCH MONTANA, STATE CHAMPS, 
REBECCA WEST and THRUSH HERMIT.  sho'nuff. it's called the Sanctuary 
(goth-a-roo) and is located on barrington st., next to the b&b.  (it's 
the antiques building, and the site of the HoM all-ages finale.)

-those of you with a hankering for some pankering can check out the art 
ensemble of halifax in its various incarnations 2 nights a week, 
wednesdays at the cafe mokka ultrabar (join me in a mocktail...) and 
fridays at the gradhouse at dal. highbrow kicks for low income pricks.