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hortense on music.

I'm home.

a nice weekend. but a little long.

first of all, hats off to Proper Productions 
and their excellent festival. A success 
it was definitely worth the trip and i can't 
think of too many bad sets that i was 
witness to...although there were a few bad 

There have been a lot of complaints about 
wonderful band X at venue A versus wonderful 
band Y at venue B or whatever, but I have to 
say, that I think the set up for this 
festival kicked ass.  so i missed state 
champs and giant sand (which was somewhat
distressing) but in the end who cares?  if 
you have to miss one great band for another 
it's no big deal, just be happy you didn't 
miss a great band for a shitty one.

definite highlights of the weekend were Al 
Tuck at the Comic Jam and Tim Robbins 
Experience at the birdland on sunday (but 
anything with Little Orton participating 
takes the cake)...though i thoroughly 
enjoyed the pushkings and duotang as well.  
I agree with the sentiments of Brendan about 
the sloan show...it was a good set, but boy 
did the atmosphere suck.

the only thing that would make this weekend 
better would be if i could get all the ink 
from the damn stamps off my friggin' hand...