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Re: Thanks alot...ca sera sera...

jankovic <jankovic\!/comnet.ca> had this to say about Re: Thanks alot...ca sera sera...

}>In attendance were Chris Murphy and Jennifer Pierce, fuelling those 
}`Scuse me buddy...what rumours? I heard they went to the junior prom
}together but I can`t imagine how long ago that was. Oh please, oh please
}don`t tell me The Murph is spoken for...my whole world is crumbling! *sob*

How can a guy like the Smurf stay unspoken for for any length of 

He and Jennifer were a couple for quite some time (thus her presence 
as backup vocals on early sloan stuff) and then they weren't for 
quite some time, and now rumours abound that they are again.

I couldn't begin to list all the ladies he's been involved with in 
the interim.  He's such a swinger :)

No love children to my knowledge, so I guess he plays it safe.

Seeking employment with the National Enquirer,