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(Fwd) Delivery failure

 Earlier Today Brendan Ryan wrote:

"One last note.. to the organisers of the On Music Fest.. you did a fine 
job in getting some great bands out, but maybe a schedule where you don't 
have to choose between two really good bands would be good.. maybe have 
a day long type thing where you can (if you want to) see every band that 
the festival has to offer.. oh yeah.. make sure it doesn't rain next 

    I'd have to say that even with the simultaneous shows things 
worked out pretty well.  Bands kept to their scheduled playing times 
for the most part pretty well, so if you really wanted to see all the 
bands playing bar shows, you could have caught the better 2/3rds of 
their sets. Rain was a refreshing bonus on saturday night, especially 
after having gambled with suffocation in packed-to-rafters-
with-knuckle-dragging-football-jocks-birdland. (what better than to 
get fucked up and sucker punch thin indie boys before lining up with 
your own kind to get tickets to some cock rock wank-fest a few months 
down the road). 
      all in all, Wickedest weekend since sometime last October. 
Props to all those who made it possible. (such a good vibe that I 
left the louisville slugger at home, although it might have come in 
handy down front at the sloan show/frat-boy-battle-royal....;) 
  Take care, Aaron Petrie