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HOM and cheques

1) Halifax On Music was the nicest most insane festival i've ever been to
and I'm sad it's already over. Watching sloan play and having them make me
feel like i was 16 years old all over again while the terrible hurricane
raged on in nova scotia was so insane and wonderful. all of the bands i
saw were very entertaining and exciting and they seemed thrilled to be
part of it all. waye and angie and marc and colin really are amazing for
putting all of this together in 3 months. bye to everyone from out of town
that i didn't get to say bye to last night. oh yeah, and i hope everyone
made it to the after-festival gig at birdland, featuring tim robbins
experience with special guests: steve page from the barenaked ladies
(!!!!!), greg tamashanko fromthe leather uppers, lil orton hogget on his
own behalf, chris hardcore murphy of kearney lake rd., catriona from
plumtree, montreal pete elkas of the local rabbits, and lots of zaniness.
then danko jones played again, but i went home. i bet it rocked. 

by the way, danko jones blew everyone away at the festival, the reaction
after they played at the sanctuary was crazy. they are the shit, man. :)

watching steve page smoke was another highlight.

i can't review all the stuff right now, it's so overwhelming. the record
fair and comic jam and al tuck acoustic show and CT brunch with piggy and
avengers 7 at the cocktail party and scud mountain boys and getting woken
up at 4 am by the push kings and sloan doing "What difference does it
make" and rocking out on "marcus said" and watching andrew drum again and
seeing waye and angie and colin and marc smiling all weekend and getting
soaked to the skin several times and.....it's just too much. next year, i
can't wait for next year. :) :) :) i think the young man who sings in
sianspheric4 summed it up rather well: "halifax is the best place in the
world to visit." it is. it isn't too bad living here, either. this weekend
was also summed up as "bliss" by another person. i agree. watch mucheast
and listen to realtime to get a taste of the action.

and chixdiggit are the greatest boys, for knowing how to get a crowd
rocking after 3 days of intense festival-going. :) 

anyway, i have one other small thing to add to tara da costa's post. don't
worry if you sent a personal cheque, the only thing is that personal
cheques aren't really good anymore after a certain amount of time. this
stinks because we didnt' know it would take so long to get it all
together. the gist of it is this: if you have mailed a cheque to me, i've
still got it (i never cash cheques until i mail stuff out) but if you sent
it more than six months ago ( i think that's the limit) we have to figure
out something new. anyone in banking have an idea? write privately. i
don't want to ask people to re-send money orders and i don't want to have
to spend a tonne of cash simply sending back cheques. we just want you to
have your tapes and zines (for anyone who has the left hip compilation,
it's sort of along those lines, ok?). 

and bands who haven't sent bios to tara, she asked for them AGES ago, and
it's lame that she is still asking. hurry up or lose a chance to get your
name out there.

and mostly thanks for waiting. it should never have taken this long, but i
guess james r covey was right on brave new waves when he said everyone
would be so slack. :)

ok bye.

tara (there are two of us, for those of you who joined sloan net within
the last six months, so don't get us mixed up :) :) )

ps/ al tuck is the man. and no one knows how to dance like mary dickie.