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a short message, post script

oh yes...if i ran into at this year's HOM, you may have noticed i'm sort
of making this crazy audio "rock-u-mentary". i think it will be for a
class i'm taking next term, but if it turns out ok, maybe i will work on
getting it broadcast at a campus station or something. who knows. anyway,
the point of this post is this: if you were at HOM and have something to
say about it, please write to me with your comments. include your name,
age, where you are from, why did you show up (were you a fan, an
organizer, volunteer, band member, reporter, etc.), and any feelings and
opinions you'd like to share. keep it relatively brief if you can, keep in
mind i will potentially be quoting you, and be honest and open. if you
hated something, say so. if you really loved something, tell me about it.
you don't have to restrict it to bands only, talk about venues,
sponsorship, halifax, your trip here, the people you met, anything is

sorry to write so much today, but HOM only happens once a year.


ps/ i lived through an earthquake on the west coast, a tornado on the
prairies, the air in toronto, and a hurricane on the east coast. do i get
a medal or is this just part of the quintessential canadian experience?