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Re: Thanks alot...ca sera sera...

>  How about some reviews of the shows so that those who couldn't attend can
>  live vicariously through you! (like me :)

Hmm, yeah it's kinda strange.. people posted more information (that I 
didn't need) before the shows than they have reviews.. best performance..
hmm, I really liked seeing Olympic Death Squad, though I don't know how 
many others were into it, lots of talking, little attention. If you liked 
Unrest and Air Miami you would (or maybe not?) be happy to hear that they
went over some of that material.. it was just Mark Robinson on guitar and
Evylin from Blast Off Country Style on the Drum Machine and sometimes 
vocals. Worst show.. Change of Heart/Sloan/etc.. all the bands played a 
*GREAT* set, but there were too many people there for it to be any fun, it
was way too hot/sticky, crowded for me to deal with... the Birdland is 
truely a foul place. I think they went a little over the attendance 
limit, the Fire Marshall would not be amused. I wish that I was the only 
person in town who knew about that one, cause lemme tells ya.. it would 
have been sweet. 
Bands I missed that I regret missing:
Scud Mountain Boys
Giant Sand
State Champs (by about 30 minutes)
and there are probably more too.. 

One last note.. to the organisers of the On Music Fest.. you did a fine 
job in getting some great bands out, but maybe a schedule where you don't 
have to choose between two really good bands would be good.. maybe have 
a day long type thing where you can (if you want to) see every band that 
the festival has to offer.. oh yeah.. make sure it doesn't rain next time.