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Re: Thanks alot...ca sera sera...

ALFRED VICTOR REMO <AR921277\!/caper1.uccb.ns.ca> had this to say about Thanks alot...ca sera sera...
} How about some reviews of the shows so that those who couldn't attend can
} live vicariously through you! (like me :)

    Well, the inclement weather (and prices) kept me pretty much out 
of the loop.  I suppose the organizers couldn't predict Hortense (or 
Garth Brooks!) and I hope neither had too adverse an effect on 
ticket sales.  The latter definitely had an adverse effect on 
available parking!
    I did see Madhat, Superfriendz and Change of Heart at a hot and 
packed (fire-marshall limited at 150) Cafe Ole Friday night.  I 
haven't heard the new Madhat disk yet, so the set was unfamiliar, 
but they sounded just as good as I remembered them from probably two 
years ago when I last caught one of their shows.  And despite 
written requests, they wouldn't play "freak", but "the ride", which 
they mentioned had a video which was getting some play on Much, got 
a good crowd response.
    Superfriendz had the kids bouncing and body surfing for over 
half an hour.  I was beginning to worry about the structural 
stability of the lighting towers, but the one at the left of the 
stage survived close to 200 crowd dives and remained standing.  
Charles had mucho bass trouble and sang one song from the floor 
behind the drumkit as he checked cables.  Drew was placed at the 
right of the stage on the lowest part of the multilevel stage and 
had his microphone way up in the air, Lemmy-style.  This made him 
look about 4'11" tall :).  They played all the faves including 
Rescue Us and Karate Man, and finished with some Happy-Days style 
50's rock number before the inevitable Theme (sans major acrobatics 
from Matt, oh well).
    Change of Heart played to a somewhat diminished crowd.  Maybe it 
was past the kids' bedtimes, maybe they just wanted to beat the 
rain.  Or maybe they were just, like me, unfamiliar with the band.  
Or maybe the band was actually not that great, especially following 
the instrumental prowess and catchy tunes of SuperFriendz.  They 
played well enough, but nothing really got my attention, apart 
from the smoke that rose from the mixing board early in the show.  
Whatever blew didn't seem to affect the sound, which was at a 
pleasantly loud but non-permanent-hearing-loss-causing level.  I 
wonder if Ole is always like that, because it's a blessing compared 
to the din that arises by the end of a Birdland gig.
    In attendance were the Plumtree gals (except perhaps Catriona, I 
didn't see her) and Chris Murphy and Jennifer Pierce, fuelling those 

Sorry you missed it, Al,