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Les Amis!

hello all!

** notice from TLW: anyone who sent her a personal cheque for a les amis
order should e-mail her at tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca

for those of you who are patiently awaiting your copies of les amis du
sloan: the tapes are done. complete. finished. ready. made. :)

this is however a zine + tape deal, and at the moment i am organizing the
zine. i've got bios for most bands but for whoever didn't send one, YOU'D
BETTER EMAIL ME FAST and i mean within the next 2 days or so. or else i
will have to chase around and do my best at figuring out who is playing in
your song and i really don't feel like doing so and you'll wind up like
one of those no comment grad photo kids. a zine shouldn't have to take 2
years to make.

as for the booklet's actual concrete progress, my pal claire _spunk_ is
currently designing the cover and clip-art to be included, whilst i am
fitting-in and/or re-writing the bios that i do have.

if homework/job/sleep-time permits, claire and i will give the mock-up to
my father before the end of the week, upon which he will make copies
at work and it shall be ready for mailing. 

i think it best if everyone receives zine+tape in one parcel, so either i
will mailthe zines to tara for distro or she'll mail me the tapes. whatever.

SO YOU ARE LOOKING AT 2-3 weeks before the darn things arrive at yr doorstep.
not much after 1.5 years, is it?
 *  numerous thanks to those who got their act together sooner than i
and actually sent stuff IN, as well as to all of you patient people who
places orders eons ago.

there you go!

tara :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom