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Re: new releases!

> Is there any other new east coast related releases newly out?  Thanks
> for your help,
> 				Adrian

Well Adrian.. it's funny you should ask.. the new **ROME PLOWS CD**
very quietly came out on Thursday on "Waiting for Herb" Records. It
is *amazing* I would recommend it to anyone.. the sound isn't really 
easily defined, but there are influences from all over the board. 
If you have any doubts see them live (if you get the chance).. other 
than that you should snap it up. Write the Rome Plows \!/
  						2336 Agricola St.
						Halifax, NS
						B3K 4B6
The disc costs $10 plus a little more for shipping..

Also coming out are- not one- not two- but THREE Stinkin Rich 
products.. I know one is a Buck 65 record called Year Zero, out
on Crappo records.. absolutely amazing, but did you really need me 
to tell you? I belive one is a DJ Critical record and the other 
is a Stinkin Rich tape.. There's nothing bad a person can say for 
Rich, except maybe, that he's skippin town.