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videos + B-sides = Windsor?

I am new to this list (one day old as of 9/13) and have been a Sloan fan since 
'92.  I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan (about 50 minutes from Windsor).  I've got a
big soapbox issue right now regarding the many mediocre American bands and the 
many incredible Canadian bands (I'm sure many of you would agree).  But my point
for posting is this:  I have never seen ANY Sloan videos.  (Sympathy emails are 
eagerly accepted.)  Do they have some kind of collection available?  And are 
there any stores in Windsor that would have rarer/B-side type of stuff?  Not to 
mention a T-SHIRT would be nice.  They were sold out at Eden before I could get 
one (I think they brought ten with them) and didn't have any at the 89Xfest.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


(Hi Jovana!)