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Re: new sloan video/winners

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996 22:23:39 -0400 Heather MacEachern
<maenon\!/webgate.net> writes:
. i'm not going to say anything else because 
>been told that everything with my name on it gets deleted. thanks 
>alot! you
>know what? since so many people have complained about my(& shawn's) 
>next time we have a contest to give away all sorts of free sloan stuff 
>won't post it on here ok?, will that make some of you happy? i really 
>hope so.

i've bEEn wondering...............what'S the deaL with the eviL feelings
toward heatheR??? i don't know her personaLLy but from what i'VE seen she
has done absolutLy nothing to deserve it.........announcing a slOan
contest isn't a bad thing, is it? noooooooo......... i think aLL the
jealOus people need to calm down a biT..... 

luv,   an-gee-La