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New Sloan Video

Hey all,

Someone posted yesterday about the new sloan video release for Everything
You've Done Wrong. I just got to see it this morning by chance on Much
Music. Nobody mentioned anything about the happenings in it so here I go to
attempt to review.

Starts out with Andrew playing (on piano) the ending of A Side Wins. The
band is playing at a Wedding reception. One of the servers breaks his
glasses and stumbles around, causing some commotion (ie: spills wine on the
bride). The coolest part of the video was the Sloan fans trying to bust
through the door. They finally do and rock the front rows in front of the
stage, bouncing up and down (notice there was no stage diving or bash
moshing - I dont think they like that). I found it interesting that they
concentrated less on the band and more on the little video storyline.

One question: Why didn't they get us in on the video? The most Die Hard
Fans, I believe, are here. :P

Anyway, was a cool video.

P.S. Anyone know where SalmonBlaster is from? They have a cool video too!

Till next time,

"And touching the scar on your back like a relief map" - Superfriends