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Chris Thompson A Dad/Salmonblaster was: New Sloan Video

>P.S. Anyone know where SalmonBlaster is from? They have a cool video too!

They hail from my hometown of London, Ont. They are hella great live band,
and they have recently opened for Alanis and Spacehoghog amongst others. I
will warn you though, if you have only heard the song "freeway" I wouldn't
run out and by the disc, well cause thats about the only song that sounds
like that. The rest of the album (on liqiud records outta toronto) is kinda
like the nirvana meets six finger satellite, keyboards and all, plus they
use a ot of samples. A great album, one of the years best in my books. 

Also Patty from Brave New Waves announced that Chris Thompson ex of Eric's
Trip, now of moonsocket is a daddy. Anybody know if this is true???? 


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