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hey hey and help help!

part 1: hey hey

the local rabbits are slated to be on "the Zone" on YTV, next thursday (sept 
19) afternoon.   my guess is that they'll first be on during the break 
before "rugrats".. er, i mean, 4 p.m. (est) and from there after.  but, you 
never know....  speaking of the zone, did anyone catch it when plumtree were 
on?  it went all right.  but if plumtree didn't show (they were late) exan 
was going to show an interview she did with ice t.  ice t or plumtree.. 
hmm....   (would anyone like to invite me over to watch the zone?  please? 
 i have no tv...)

part 2:  help help

i'm trying to get in touch with people, but the e-mail system here is 
failing me.  so for those of you's i've been keeping in touch with up until 
now, please write me!!  no names will be mentioned (to avoid embarassment) 
 thank you :)

hugs and smooches to everyone :)

               ...sizzle teen
.. it's OVER ... i am free .....